We hold six races throughout the summer at the South Bend RC Club Field.

We race two and sometimes three airplanes at one time, and it can get a bit heated when a couple of pilots get into the groove, as there is always the potential for mid-air collisions and crashes. Please join us if you’re interested in watching, have questions, or want to race, as we’re always looking for new race pilots, and you don’t have to be an SBRC member to participate in the fun of introductory level pylon racing.

After the race, the field goes back to open flying, and if you’re an AMA member, you’re welcome to stay and fly with us as our guest.

All races start at 9:30 am with a safety meeting at 9:15 am

Race 1: June 1, 2024
Race 2: June 15, 2024
Race 3: July 13, 2024
Race 4: July 27, 2024
Race 5: Aug 17, 2024
Race 6: Sept 7, 2024