Their Future, kids need activities that expands their mind, excites their imagination and challenges their energy. The Entertainment Industry’s expensive “no-brainer”, “no-gainer”, “couch-potato” activities lack enrichment or educational values for your kids. It’s a waste of your money and their future.

The Hobby of

RC Model Aircraft


It isn’t cheap either!! But rather than your bucks vanishing into sterile thin air, it’s a “real-time” investment for a lifetime of dividends. The RC Hobby provides hands-on learning experiences in craftsmanship, mechanical, electrical, electronic, artistic, and occasions that draw out inventive prowess.

RC Flying

is Exciting


It develops eye and hand coordination. The “Rules Of Flight” demand discipline and total concentration. It instills responsibility and enhances those qualities that “build” a better person.

Air and Space is

Now and the Future


Few parents, when properly informed, will question the educational value of Model Aviation. The stimulation potential of Model Aviation in career choices can be vouched for by such famous people as Neil Armstrong, Frank Borman, Dr. Paul McCready to name a few. They have verified that their career choices were the direct results of a personal involvement with Model Aviation.