Community Service

Notre Dame

Senior students of the Aerospace Program at Notre Dame are put to task to design, build and fly a radio controlled aircraft. Each year they are given specific performance requirements and must apply their knowledge to achieve success. The enormity of the student’s project and time restrictions require that their learning curve be accelerated.

For nearly 20 years SBRC has been honored to assist as construction advisers, as well as test pilots of their aircraft. The semester is concluded with a “Parents Day” flying event for the graduates and their parents at the SBRC field.

It is a great experience to be able to offer our many years combined practical experience to the students and to promote our hobby. These students are the future of the aerospace industry and we believe that this project with radio controlled aircraft has a lasting impact on how they perform their future tasks.


Encouraging Technology & Hands-On Science (ETHOS) is a science center located in Elkhart, Indiana. The ETHOS mission is to provide children with opportunities to connect science to everyday life through problem-solving, discovery and critical thinking. The South Bend Radio Control Club (SBRC) has held demonstrations and hands-on instruction whereby the children from ETHOS were able to fly an actual radio control airplane utilizing buddy-box technology. The SBRC continues to work with ETHOS as it encourages craftsmanship, mechanical, electrical, electronic, artistic and inventive prowess.

Maker Faire’s

The South Bend Radio Control (SBRC) club participated in the first annual South Bend Mini Maker Faire. The Maker Faire is the greatest show and tell on earth and is a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity, resourcefulness and a celebration of the Maker Movement. It is a place where people can show what they are making, and share what they are learning. The SBRC club presented many different aircraft from scratch built planes, almost ready to fly to ready to fly aircraft. Airplanes, helicopters, and multi-rotors were included. A flight simulator was also available so individuals could see what it is like to fly a radio controlled aircraft. The hobby of Radio Control aircraft has its root in STEM education (a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines -- science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Riley High School

Riley High School (RHS) is located in South Bend and is a part of the South Bend Community School Corporation. RHS has approximately 1,185 students and was founded in 1924. The South Bend Radio Control Club (SBRC) participated in the Riley High School near-space balloon launch in 2015. SBRC provided an excellent launch location for the balloon, and gave flying demonstrations as well as hands-on flight instruction utilizing buddy-box technology. This was part of Indiana’s “no student left behind” program to give children of migrant workers more math and science programs. Matt Modlin, coordinator for the program sent this update after the launch:

The launch went great!  We were able to track the balloon to North Webster just Southeast of Lake Wawasee.  We could see that it landed in a wooded area based on the GPS coordinates it was sending us.  We spoke with the landowner to get permission to retrieve the balloon. Then walked through a soybean and corn field to get the wooded area, which was covered in stinging nettles!  We finally found the balloon about 100 feet up in a tree.  We were able to arrange with the landowner to come help us get the balloon out of the tree.  He was very accommodating and even met us with a chainsaw and cut the tree down!  It was an exciting experience for everybody!  Thank you again for all of your support and help in making the day a special event for the students.  I am sure that it is a day that they will never forget.  I know that I will be talking about it for a long time to come!  One of the other teachers put together a video summing up the day.  Please feel free to share it with your members and please pass on our gratitude to those that shared their passion for flight with our students! 

St. Joseph County Public Library

St. Joseph County was founded in 1830 and was named after the St. Joseph River. This is the home of the St. Joseph County Public Library, which has 9 branches and has been around for more than 125 years. In 2015, the South Bend Radio Control Club (SBRC) was invited to the main library branch for their staff day. Members of the SBRC introduced library staff to the expansive world of radio control aviation. Presentations, videos, indoor and outdoor flight was among the many methods used to help showcase model aviation.

Hanna & Friends

Hannah and Friends is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for children and adults with special needs. The organization fosters an ongoing campaign of "Awareness & Compassion" for all individuals with special needs. Individuals with special needs deserve the same respect as everyone else and it is our mission to educate others who do not understand this mindset.

The South Bend Radio Control Club (SBRC) had several programs with Hanna & Friends, both at their location and at SBRC's Allinger Flying Field.

Healthwin / Milton Home

Healthwin specializes in providing therapeutic, rehabilitative services and comprehensive, skilled nursing care for short- and long-term residents. They operate as a not-for-profit organization and their single-site facility is locally managed and governed by an independent volunteer board of directors.

Milton Home seeks to preserve the dignity of its residents and provide a safe and comfortable environment as they age. Providing quality rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and assisted living services while understanding ever changing needs are the pillars upon which their business rests.

The South Bend Radio Control Club (SBRC) has had several programs for residents at both organizations. One such program involved helping the residents build rubber-powered free flight airplanes that can be flown inside or outside in no wind conditions.