George Misner Solos

Congratulations George Misner!  George had his first nitro solo and landing.  The airplane had not been flown in five years.

Verland’s Radian XL!

Verland Browning’s 2.6m Radian XL.  It is the newest offering in the Radian line of sailplanes.  It features a 2.6m polyhedral wing, fully proportional spoilers, full-flying horizontal stabilizer and has AS3X technology.  This is Verland’s first sailplane and the pilot and plane performed flawlessly.

Denny’s Piper

Denny Worm’s Piper club!  Two years in completion and successful maiden flight on Wednesday, May 18, 2016.  Great job, Denny!

Drone Star Wars

If you love Star Wars and you love drones, why not mix the two together? Check out this video called ‘Drone Star Wars’.